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5 Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Christmas

Maybe like Cindy-Lou Who, you’ve found yourself singing the all too familiar tune of, “Where Are You Christmas?” As everyone is decking the halls and trimming the tree, you seem lost in the unknown, unable to embrace the spirit of Christmas.

Oh, how I can sympathize. I truly get those feelings. When my oldest turned 12, I vividly remember her telling me she missed the excitement and anticipation Christmas had when she was younger.

As much as I wanted to bring that magic back for her, I knew it had morphed into something new. She was changing, and henceforth it changed me. Poof! Just like that, it felt like all the Christmas spirit was gone, in a simple declaration.

Maybe the spirit of “Christmas past” is leaving you a little sappy and sentimental as your kids are all grown.

Maybe “Christmas present” has you walking through a season of challenging changes, causing you to stumble into the holidays with little hope.

Maybe the daunting and looming spirit of “Christmas future” is bringing on waves of sorrow and grief as you are unsure how to navigate this season without a loved one.

Friend, can I tell you a secret? A secret my grandmother once told me when I tearfully confessed that I knew the truth about Santa. She held my hands, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Christmas is what you make of it.”

At the time, I didn’t quite understand the meaning behind those precious (and purposeful) words, but I dare say she is absolutely right!

While some years seem more difficult than others, we still have the choice to make it as magical, restful, and meaningful as we’d like to.

So, when you just aren’t “feeling it” how do you prepare your heart for Christmas? Well, being that I have been there a time or two myself, truly relating to Cindy-Lou Who, and currently wrestling with Christmas past at the moment, I’ve had to tap into some pretty creative ways to take back Christmas and make it once again magical and meaningful.

Read the 5 ways to prepare your heart by clicking the link below...


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