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Eve. The first woman ever created. Her story is one of beauty, sadness, temptation and redemption.

We see her story unfold in Genesis. God created the world and all the things in it, including man... and woman. But when God created man (and woman) it was different. He made them in His own image, which tells us just how special we are to Him. His most prized creation (also referred to in James 1:18).

After creating man (Adam) God saw he needed a helper (remember this for later) and seeing that none of the other animals created would suffice, God then put Adam to sleep and removed a rib from his body to create woman. (Eve)

God deeply loved them and placed them in paradise in the garden of Eden. They had everything they needed. However, He gave them boundaries to keep them safe, just as He did with all of His creation. He commanded the fish to stay in the water and the animals to navigate the land. So, while Adam and Eve were given freedom, they were to obey only one rule - "Do not eat from the tree in the center of the garden."

Life was perfect. Until...

The temptation of the tree was strong and the serpent (Satan) was conniving. The temptation was great and Eve disobeyed God. She bit into the apple and then shared it with Adam. So, essentially, as the "helper" she helped him sin too.

Then the guilt ensued. They were banished from the garden and given consequences for their disobedience.

But Eve's story doesn't end there. We can learn a lot from Eve, because if you read further you will find that despite the challenges of the beginning of her story, she gives us an image of who we all are as women. She shows us how we are to help our husbands and should do so with love and grace. It is our calling. She may have made mistakes but she eventually learned a lesson from that. She also provides an example of a woman that faced many trials (as she continued to face challenges with her sons). She also was the one that fell into temptation. Leading us all to know that we may fail, but we have a good, faithful and just God.

Her story tells us that we will fall short, but can still be forgiven, set free, and redeemed.

Ephesians 1:4 tells us that God chose us before the creation of the world and we are holy and blameless in His sight, all due to His love for us!

So, my friend, we all have a choice. To listen, trust, and obey God knowing He knows what is best for us, or go along with a deceiving lie. When things look tempting, you forget that God has a purpose in making you a woman, or you fail and mess up - think about Eve. And then...Think about God's amazing love for you!

Take Action: Be mindful of your choices this week. Make sure they line up to God's will for your life. You are a beloved daughter!

***This week read about Sarah. You will also find her in Genesis. Read Genesis 12-24. Read a few chapters a day and as you read, respond, reflect and react, think about what you take away from her story?

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