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Happy New Year, Friends!

So, it's time to make those new year resolutions, huh? So do you make them? Better yet, do you keep them? They usually seem good in theory, then halfway into January, you find yourself slipping back into your old ways, maybe growing frustrated. (Or like me, hiding in the pantry with the leftover Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes)


If, like me, you struggle to keep those new year's resolutions, maybe try to take a different approach. By all means - Go ahead and make those goals and resolutions, but instead of getting upset with yourself for failing to keep them, turn to the One that can truly help you!

Don't fret. Don't feel defeated when you fall down. Just get back up and remember you are covered by a good, gracious God. A God that sees past your forgotten or failed attempts to be a better version of yourself. A God that will reach out and tell you to try again. To keep going. That He created you for such things!

Sweet daughter, you are capable. You are so capable of doing hard things. You just have to believe it. You are capable of doing what God lays on your heart and not only that, but you have HIM to lean on when you fall short.

So, maybe instead of making a resolution that you are not sure if you will keep, take it to your Father. Pray and ask Him what it is that He wants for you to do and accomplish this year. Then Trust Him! Believe and know He has a plan for you and it is good.

Happy New Year!

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