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Honor. We don't hear that word too often. However, the word honor is actually a very important word and is used throughout Scripture.

Ephesians 6:1-2 says that children should obey their parents in the Lord, for it is right. "Honor your mother and father."

That means ALL children, including your parents, as they are children of God too! Basically, each generation should honor their parents. No matter how old you are. Yet, how do we honor our parents and what does that exactly look like?

Honoring your parents doesn't mean you just do what they tell you to, in order to make them happy. Although we are called to listen and obey, as Christians, it goes a bit deeper than that. The word honor is actually defined as giving another person great respect. So, honoring your parents becomes more about showing deep respect through your heart and attitude.

Honor is shown with our heart by sharing it. It may have been easier to do when you were younger (and it will probably be easier to do as you get older too) but showing love is one way we show honor. Opening up and sharing about your day with your parents. Discussing your hopes and dreams, your struggles and pain. It may not always be easy to open up and talk to them, but they want to hear from you.

Another way we show honor is by our attitude. Honor means you not only listen and obey but do so without the grumble or eye roll. Next time, do something without being told or choose to help out with a smile and see what happens.

Just keep in mind that we live in a broken world and you will mess up and fail and so will your parents. We all make mistakes and showing honor isn't something that comes easily or naturally for us. It is something we are all working on, even as adults. This is also a very easy place for the deceiver to come in and attack families, because he loves to cause friction and division.

However, God offers us a promise in Ephesians 6:3 saying that as a body of faithful believers and families that honor Him "it may go well with you and that you may enjoy a long life on the earth." God highly values the relationship between a parent and a child, and even more importantly our relationship with Him. And, if it is difficult to honor your parents start with your Heavenly Father first.

Spend some time asking God to search your heart. Where can you show more honor to your parents this week?


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