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Merry Christmas, Friend!

Hey girl! It's three days until Christmas! How are you preparing? Did you count the gifts under the tree to ensure you have the same amount as your sister? (Don't worry: your secret is safe with me- I used to do that too!)

Are you excited to be out of school? Does it feel good to sleep in and eat cookies until you get a stomach ache? Did you get to spend time with your friends and those long lost cousins? Is the chilly weather causing you to get out those festive fuzzy socks and that favorite fluffy blanket? Awww... utter bliss!

Oh how I hope you are creating special memories with those you love and enjoying time to rest and just soak in the wonders of this season.

But... as sweet as this time can be, it can also bring about mixed emotions?

What if those twinkling lights just don't seem to be so bright or the music is somewhat annoying and doesn't resonate with you. What if the anticipation isn't there like it used to be when you were younger.

I'd like to invite you to open your Bible to Isaiah. Isaiah may give you a fresh perspective, as it gives us ways to prepare for Christmas. And it may just bring back a little anticipation and excitement too.

Here's what Isaiah tells us about Christmas 🎄

♥️ Isaiah invites us to live boldly! Isaiah lived during a turbulent time when people turned their back on God. He boldly declared to God's people to turn away from evil and place their faith in God. How can you share your faith this time of year? Isaiah 6:8

♥️ Isaiah invites us to see our suffering as a means to understand Jesus better. Jesus came not just a baby, but as a man that encountered trails and suffering in order to save us. Jesus was known as the "Suffering Servant." Can you view your hurt as a way to connect to Jesus? Isaiah 53:4

♥️ Isaiah invites us to be servant-hearted. We are asked to use our gifts and talents to spread God's love. That can be found in dropping off cookies with a neighbor or helping your family with food prep or planning. Look for ways to spread good cheer and kindness. Isaiah 42:5-7

♥️ Isaiah invites us to receive His blessings. We are asked to come to Jesus with our needs. That includes our wants and dreams, our hurts and our sorrows. Our God promises to care for us. Will you give Him the desires and hurts your heart carries? Isaiah 55:-1-2

♥️ Isaiah invites us to praise the Lord. All through Scripture we are reminded of the richness of God's love for us. His unfailing love that should cause us to rejoice. This season should prompt us to worship our faithful God in thanks and praise for all that He has done. Sing loud and proud! Isaiah 9:6

May you open your heart as you prepare a space for God by meeting Him through prayer and digging into His Word. Let Him remind you of the beauty in this season.

It has been a blessing and honor growing in Christ with you this year. May you go into this new year knowing that God has a plan for your life... and you, sweet girl, have a unique purpose!

Merry, Merry Christmas 🎄

Much love,



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