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This week we start our Proverbs Bible Study! This is a personal study to help you grow closer to our Heavenly Father. Each week we will all read three to four chapters, then discuss key take aways from that section.

A little background about this book of the Bible.

  • There are 31 books and it is written in poetry type form.

  • Primarily written by Solomon.

  • Written to offer wisdom, speak truth and encourage us to live a righteous life.

My prayer is that you learn to love to read His Word and that God speaks to your heart. My hope is that you will find this book inspiring and that it will motivate you to read other books of the Bible. Many people re-read their favorite books, and Proverbs is one of those that many go to often for answers about the way in which we should live. In each season of your life, God may reveal something different to you, too. So go on and grab a snack and settle in...

***This week read Chapters 1-4. What is God laying on your heart? If you feel led, please share in the comments section below each week.

We are using - Read, Respond, Reflect, React as we dig into this study, you're welcome to use it too.

- Read the verses each week

- Respond by circling, highlighting, underlining key words/points that stand out to you (this will be what you share with a group if you are meeting with one or can share in comments below).

- Reflect by making sense of the verses and understanding God's message for us.

- React by taking the next step and applying it to your life.

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