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Rahab. A story of bravery.

Rahab was a Canaanite, who was basically despised by the Israelites. During this time, Moses just died and Joshua has risen up to become the new Israelite leader, leading them into this promised land that God has shown them.

As they reach the city of Jericho, Joshua sends in spies to search the land. But they are immediately seen by guards of the city and must hide quickly.

Now Rahab comes to the rescue. But she isn't your likely heroine. She is a harlot, meaning she used her body in sinful ways. However, she has heard the stories of the Israelite God and in an act of faith, she hides the spies. She feels compelled to protect them and furthermore lies to the guards that they are not in her home. When the guards of King Jericho ask Rahab where they are, she tells them they left at dusk and she isn't sure which way they went. (Wink, wink) They were hidden under stalks on the roof of her home.

In return for keeping them safe, she asks the spies for her family to be spared when Isreal attacks Jericho. The spies tell her to hang a scarlet cord (red rope) on her window as a sign to be passed when the Israelite soldiers came in to attack her city.

While this is a short story in the Bible, Rahab teaches us several things:

  1. Rahab was living a sinful lifestyle, yet God chose her to do great work for Him. He also did a work in her heart.

  2. Rahab showed by her questioning the spies about "their God" that she was curious and was willing and ready to show great faith.

  3. Rahab showed great courage as she became a hero in this story, saving God's people.

I love that this story has so many hidden lessons. The biggest one is that Rahab was leaning into her faith and the spies had an opportunity to share with her about God.

Rahab's story is our story. We are either Rahab and living a life that pleases the flesh or we are the spies. Rahab may have been living a sinful life, but God has a way of reaching out to those that need Him most. He has a great concern for "the lost one." We are to be open and compassionate to the ones that are lost too and should be like the spies on the lookout for who needs to hear about Jesus.

We live in a time where many are lost and searching for hope. While we all cave to sin from time to time, we can see through Rahab's story that God can turn the heart of anyone. God can also use us as instruments to lead others to Him. We need to act out in faith and live in a way that shows others more about the God we serve.

If you fall into a pattern of sin, also know that you are never too far gone for God. He will meet you wherever you are, pulling you out of the pit, calling you to seek Him. We just have to be bold enough to answer His call.

Think about Rahab's story this week. Are there people you know that need to hear about Jesus? How can you show compassion and share the good news with them?

Bible Study Notes:

Bible Study Notes - Rahab
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This has been our last week of the summer series. So glad you joined us and my prayer is that God spoke to your heart and opened your mind to His wild, incredible love for you. There are countless examples of courageous women sprinkled throughout the Bible, we merely scratched the surface, but I hope you learned skills that you can carry with you throughout this life.

Be set free and redeemed like Eve.

Be patient like Sarah.

Be courageous like Esther.

Be loyal like Ruth.

Be obedient like Mary.

Be faithful like Hannah.

Be brave like Rahab.

You are a beloved daughter. Carry that title with confidence, sweet daughter!

Much Love,



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