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Reading the Bible? Plan on it!

How's it going? Not generically, but faith-wise, how are you doing? Been reading your Bible? You know that book in the corner collecting dust. Sigh.

(Crickets) No answer...

Okay... So, maybe you started out good this year, but then school started and other obligations got in the way and you haven't cracked that all too important book in a while. And, well... maybe you don't even know where your Bible is at the moment.

Confession: I've been there. Many times, actually.

However, in order to live with purpose, intentionally, and really live life to the fullest, we must get to know the One who created this life. We can learn so much about God's character and His love just by spending time with Him. Praying to Him. Asking Him into our hearts. Abiding in Him. Ultimately, seeking answers to this life, all by looking in the manual - the Bible.

Sounds easy enough, but maybe you're not really sure how to begin. Maybe it seems too overwhelming and hard to comprehend. Honestly, we all feel that way at times. The Bible while our most valuable book can be a bit daunting if you try to tackle it all at once or don't really have a plan. So, before you even open your Bible, start with a simple prayer allowing God to speak to you through those words. Let Him lead and guide you on where to start.

Here are some go-to prayers to start you off:

Lord, open my eyes and heart to what you want me to learn about You today.

God. lead and guide me as I read Your Word today. I am all yours.

Father, I am so thankful for your Word. You are so good to me. Help me see the blessings You've given me.

Please offer me your wisdom, Lord. I want to learn more about You.

Then once you open up His Word, here is a little guide I’ve used to help me grow & understand Scripture a little better. When we put a plan in place, reading the Bible becomes more of a beneficial habit that we look forward to, rather than an overwhelming chore.

Psalm 46:10 says Be still and know that I am God. First, find 5-10 minutes in your day that you can be still, quiet, and listen. Whether it is before or after school or on your way to bed, making time to be with God will be the most beneficial thing you'll ever do!

❤️ READ 2-4 verses each day to start and add from there. Try to stay in the same book to develop meaning and context of the surrounding Scripture. A great book to start is in Proverbs. You can read one a day as there are 31 books and there are 31 days in a month.

❤️ RESPOND by circling, highlighting, or underlining keywords/points that stand out to you. As you read open your heart and mind to things that jump out to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. Holy Spirit, reveal to me what I need to see.

❤️ REFLECT by making sense of the verses and understanding God's message by going to Him in prayer asking Him to open your heart and mind to what He has to say to you through those verses. Lord, I want to obey You and Your will. Lead me.

❤️ REACT by taking the next step and applying it to your life. How can you show God's love to others? How can knowing His character help you live your life to the fullest; glorifying and honoring Him?

When we connect to His Word and offer Him our heart through prayer, He will open our eyes to Who He is. He will touch our hearts in a way that helps us learn who we are and who He is calling us to be. You have a purpose that He wants you to fulfill and He deeply longs to share that with you. So, make meeting with Jesus a part of your daily routine. It will bless you more than you know.

Some other things to note:

✨ Devotionals and other Christian books can be a great resource and help lead and guide you to certain Scriptures, but they do not replace HIS word! Be sure to make time to refer back to His Word.

✨ If you still are unsure where to begin, here are some other things you can do to read through Scripture.

- Have a daily verse calendar and read the Scriptures before and after it to gain meaning.

- Get a Bible audiobook and listen to it on the go.

- Try to memorize Scripture. Write them down in a journal.

- Start with New Testament and read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Let me know how I can be praying for you. Reach out to me at any time. We are growing together.

Big hugs,


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