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Sarah. A story of waiting on God's promises.

Maybe you have heard about Sarah's husband, Father Abraham. He had many sons. Many sons had Father Abraham.

Yes, God promised Abraham He would multiply his descendants as there are stars in the sky. God also promised them a land and to trust His plan. But...The journey to that new land and waiting on God's timing to give them this huge family came with great difficulty.

At 75 years old, Abram (Abraham) took his wife Sarai (Sarah) and their nephew Lot, along with several others on this long trip to seek this land God promised. Besides battling heat and famine, when they reached Egypt, Sarai was told by Abram to act as if she was his sister rather than his wife because she was so beautiful and Abram feared they would kill him to steal her away. Sarai trusted Abram, but she also trusted the Lord and obeyed.

That was only the beginning of their trials. With all the traveling challenges and after years and years of no children, Sarai began to grow impatient. She was growing older and while she tried to remain faithful to the Lord, she desperately wanted a family, which led her to take matters into her own hands. This is when Hagar enters the picture. Sarai's maidservant. Let the scandal begin!

Sarai asks her to have a child because she can't, so Hagar has Ishmael with Abram. Sarai quickly realizes this wasn't a good idea and jealousy takes over her. (Could have seen that coming, right?) Hagar runs away, but the Lord asks her to return and submit to Sarai. Awkward! (Gen. 16)

Who says the Bible is boring?

But wait, it gets better. Ishmael is told that he will be a wild donkey (yes it says this) and everyone will be against him, causing hostility among his brothers. (Genesis 16:12) Come to find out, he becomes the patriarch of the Islamic faith. Hmmm. Maybe that is a testament that when we go against God's plan, taking matters into our own hands, there are oftentimes grave consequences.

Even still, God did remain faithful, and stayed true to His promises. He always does!

In Abram's 99th year, the Lord appeared to him and made a covenant with him declaring his name be Abraham, meaning "Father of many nations." God also renamed Sarai, to Sarah, noting that she would become the "Mother of many nations" and would have a son. In a year's time, Issac was born. What a happy day!! Oh, and not to mention, Issac was actually an ancestor of King David. See the contrast? God is so good!

Sarah's story teaches us that while waiting on God's timing can be difficult, it is always His perfect timing that will reveal a plan for our lives. Even in Sarah's old age, God had a specific purpose for her life and for the future lives of many afterward - including you! Because "you" are one of those descendants - (aka stars in the sky).

So, next time you are waiting for something and it may feel as if God has forgotten about you, pause and think of Sarah's story. Then pray for God to reveal His plan for your life and to remain patient in the waiting.

When God makes a promise, it is guaranteed to be fulfilled. His timing is perfect. Trust Him!

***This week read about Esther. There are ten chapters in Esther. Read a few chapters a day and as you read, respond, reflect and react. What can you take away from her story?

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