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Shifting our Focus

A few months ago my family ventured up to our family farmhouse. We needed a little escape from the constant "crazy" that was going on all around us, and it was a welcomed reprieve.

While everyone was cozied up watching a movie inside, I decided to seek some solitude and snuck outside. The beauty of the sunset and pasture were calling, and I happily obeyed.

Looking out at the serene landscape reminded me of the beauty found in God's creation. However, that peaceful moment was interrupted by a rolling thunder growing loud from behind. As I turned around, it was apparent a storm was moving in.

Instead of turning back to look at the peaceful scene in front of me, I remained focused on those dark clouds. Then a brief moment later, a very gentle breeze blew, and not only shifted my gaze, but truly touched my heart.

It was as if God was softly reminding me to not dwell on the storm, but turn my attention to that beautiful view in front of me- basically - to turn my attention back on HIM!

Read Psalm 46:10. God commands us to "Be Still... and Know He is God."

What does that verse mean to you? How can you be still in your day? Will you choose to shift your focus today and see God instead of the storms you are facing?


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