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Summer Bible Series - Women of the Bible

Are you ready?

This study is going to be so good and I can't wait to dig into the Word and learn more about some extraordinary women of the Bible. Women that live boldly for God. Women that embraced the role God gave them and became trailblazers and beautiful examples of how to live this life courageously!

So, here is the plan.

Each week you will read about a woman of the Bible and then we will unpack and uncover the qualities that woman had the following week.

Below is a model we use to help us dig into God's Word. Feel free to use this or whatever works best to help you better understand what God is speaking to you in your heart while you open up His Word.

Before you get started always open your heart to Him in prayer. Ask God to reveal what He needs you to see and hear and allow Him to give you a message that will help you grow in your faith.

New to this study plan. Here is a little breakdown for you:

Read the verses each week (you will find them at the end of each post in bold and ***)

Respond by circling, highlighting, and underlining keywords/points that stand out to you. You can also use sticky notes to write favorite verses to place around your room for reminders.

Reflect by making sense of the verses and understanding God's message for you. Pray again as needed and invite God into your heart asking Him to help you see what He needs you to see and soak into your heart each week.

Example prayer: "Lord, please open my heart and mind to receive your message. I want to grow closer to You. Amen."

React by taking the next step and applying it to your life. For example, if we learn about a woman that was faithful in prayer, maybe you can use her example to do the same in the coming week.

My prayer is that you learn to love to read His Word and that God speaks to your heart. My hope is that you will find this study inspiring and that it will motivate you to live courageously. While God may reveal something different to you throughout various seasons of your life, I pray you come back and revisit these women in the Bible; re-read their powerful stories. Allow their stories to resonate with you offering hope and encouragement. So go on and grab a snack and settle in... Let's begin with our first study of Eve!

*** This week read about Eve. The first woman in the Bible. You can find her story here: Genesis 2-3

Be sure to join us on IG for the Dear Daughter Devotionals posted each week. If you are not on social media, please let me know and I will shoot them right to your email inbox as before.

(Due to these weekly Bible Study devotionals you find here, the "Dear Daughter" devotionals will be paused through the summer, but you can still find them on IG or FB- so be sure to follow us there!)


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