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What We Can Learn From Eve

Hey friend! It's been a hot minute, so thought I would share with you what's been pulling at my heart recently. A few months back I wrote a series entitled, "Women in the Bible and What We Can Learn From Them." Basically, so many women in the Word struggle with many of the same issues we face today. So, I thought I would share the series with YOU! So let's begin... (Oh, and happy Friday!)

Perhaps the most iconic woman we find in the Bible is the first one that we meet – Eve. At first glance, one may think her story is unconventional, tainted with temptation and sin. But oh, how there is so much more to her story than what we see on the surface.

Declaring that she was the first woman who took a bit of that devilish apple, bringing down a curse to all mankind, is a bit dreary and, quite honestly, paints Eve in a rather bad light. Besides, it doesn’t reveal her entire story. There is so much good to her story, all in the way of God’s amazing grace. But it often gets shadowed by the darkness of Eve’s sin.

Eve’s story is often misunderstood, but the truth of the matter is that her sin was all part of a bigger plan and serves a purpose – even today! It’s a good vs. evil story. Where God made an image that He adored in a woman, the liar tried to damage it. Sadly, that fraudulent liar is still at work today, sending out false messages about our identity as women, causing confusion, and trying to steal away our God-given roles.

So, let’s not mistake the role Eve plays here. There is so much beauty found within her story, and it is truly remarkable. Are you ready to dig into the Truth and find out God’s precious plan and purpose for Eve and for us all? Then read on, my friend!

God – Our Creator

Genesis 1 lays out for us how it all came to be. The light and darkness. The atmosphere and sky. The dry land and water. The sun, moon, and stars. The fish, water creatures, and animals. Creation was unfolding, and it was good. But then God said, “Let us make man, in our own image, in our own likeness” (Genesis 1:26-27). Adam was then born, created out of dust, and breathed to life by God Himself (Genesis 2:7). God gave Adam the authority to rule over all the other living creatures. Life was good. Perfect.

Our God, being the Master Creator that He is, wanted to give purpose to His most prized possession – man. So, God gave Adam a job to tend to the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:15). But not only that, God gave Adam the freedom to make his own decisions and to live freely (Genesis 2:16-17).

However, while every other animal had a mate, God saw that Adam was alone and needed a helper (Genesis 2:18). So, as the story goes, Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs. Woman was created in God’s image, from Adam. This goes to show the power of connection a man and woman share – it was all part of God’s design.

Eve - The First Woman

Okay, let’s stop and think about this beautiful scene for just a moment. Adam and Eve lived peacefully and perfectly in this garden with God. God was with them, and they felt His presence (Genesis 2:25). Could you imagine how incredible that must have been? This is the kind of love that God had intended for a man and woman to form as a husband and wife. To live in union under Him. This is the picture God gives us to attain to as we live in peace with one another.

But, as we know, the serpent had to mess it all up! The serpent came to deceive and target Eve – the woman. The helper. The beauty. The one that man adored and was madly in love with. Do you see where I am going here? Did that evil snake choose the woman because he didn’t think he could deceive the man? Perhaps. Maybe he knew if he could get Eve to sin, Adam would quickly follow suit. And that’s exactly what happened.

Satan created a divide not only between them and God but between one another. Adam was meant to protect and care for Eve, but he didn’t do that. Eve was to be a helper to Adam, yet she led him into sin. Satan attacked them both! Unfortunately, Satan has been wreaking havoc on the roles of men and women ever since!

Even though Eve’s decision caused a mass crippling for generations to come and still causes mayhem today, God knew this would happen (Isaiah 45:5). He knew Eve would take the bait and that Adam would listen to her and not Him. God knew it would come to this, yet He still created them!

That’s because it was all part of God’s plan. He uses all things for good!

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