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You Were Made for More

Sweet girl, just to remind your heart... you were made for so much more than you may believe. Let go of this image you think you "should" be, and cling to the image of who you are - in Christ.

It's okay to be messy, imperfect, and emotional. You were created like that - yes, created to be "just the way you are." It's in our imperfections that we learn to lean into the One that is perfect. The One that can fill in those missing pieces in our lives.

As you gear up for a new school year and get back into that routine, be sure to build in time with the One that can declare who you really are! This month, we will be discussing our identity, and how it is shaped and molded by a God that knows us better than we know ourselves. A God that uses our imperfections and mess to show how to "shine" a light in a dark world.

"You are the light of the world." Matthew 5:14


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