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The Balloon Release Project

The balloon release project was started in honor of my sweet momma, Patricia Edwards. The first holiday we celebrated after she went to her eternal home was Mother's Day. It was a bittersweet day to say the least.

But, while that day brought forth many emotions for our family, we were able to share our heart on a turquoise balloon (her favorite color) and release it "up to heaven"- as my little one likes to say.

There is something truly special (and healing) about writing out our hearts and then watching it slowly glide up into the sky. It's not so much an act of letting go, but having our thoughts visually received by our Creator.

If you or your child releases a balloon, we would love to hear about it and lift you up in prayer. You are also welcome to share your photos or experiences here: With permission, some of those photos may be shared via social media and a community of believers will be praying over you.


This is all an attempt to bring more awareness to childhood grief and to shed light on how it affects our children. Small and simple ways to honor and remember a loved one can go a long way in helping a young child navigate grief and cope with a deep loss.

Thank you for being a part of this initiative and praying for God to bring forth peace and comfort as only He can on your grief journey.

Much Love,

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Alicia Searl
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