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New Release!
Debuting in April

Mimi's Note is a touching story that gives readers of all ages a glimpse into childhood grief. May this be a helpful

resource for teachers and parents that are providing gentle guidance and support to a child navigating the loss of a

loved one. 

Ella is a young girl that loves school, her teacher, and friends.

However, when she discovers that it is Grandparent’s Day,

she is met with a mix of emotions. Now that her Mimi is in

heaven, she is unsure how to celebrate this precious holiday.

But God has a way of bringing hope to her heart. Through

her thoughtful teacher and sweet friends, Ella is able to

write a note, stick it to a balloon, and release it into the sky –

up to her Mimi.

E-book available for pre-order, if you enjoy the sweet story, grab a tangible copy.

*Paperback and Hardback will be available April 2

Hardback would make a sweet gift or keepsake. 

The Balloon Release Project

Heartfelt Devotionals

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