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Hey Beautiful!

Glad you are here! Hoping this will be a spot you stop often to get refueled with hope, encouragement, and Truth. In today's society, we are constantly being inundated with technology and immersed in the world of screens. So, I invite you to pause. Breathe. Pull away from all the distractions and fill your heart with goodness - His goodness.

And who am I? 

Hi, I'm Alicia Searl. A mom to three young ladies, two of whom are teens. I'm married to a coffee-lover that can whip up a mean frappe and am usually found writing with a dog licking my feet.  

You may have found me here because of the devotional for teens, entitled Chasing After Jesus. (You can find out more about that devotional here.) I love to write devotionals and stumble into speaking and sharing my heart only through God's grace.

My prayer is that you find a safe place of hope here. That you find encouragement and that after you read or see what is posted, it motivates you to leave this screen, and dig more into the Word; spending time with your Heavenly Father. 

God is always calling on the ordinary to be extra-ordinary for Him. You were created with a purpose, for a purpose, for such a time as this. Yes, you were made at this exact moment in time for a reason. If you are willing to open up your heart, you will see that God choose "you." He knows your name and is calling out to you. He longs to spend time with you and will meet you right where you're at, so the invitation is open... will you respond?

John 14:6 Jesus says, " I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

It would also be an honor to be a part of your spiritual journey and to share my heart with you. So, hop on over to the blog for devotionals and inspiration. Each post is created with love, prayed over, and designed to speak to women of all ages. May you find hope and healing here, sweet girl.

Remember who you are, and Who you follow. 

Alicia Searl
Teen Blog Alicia Searl
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