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Happy Birthday Mimi

(Written by your granddaughter - Audrey)

Today is your birthday,

Times are pretty hard.

But something tells me you listen,

Even past the stars.

Your heart was kind, and we all loved your smile,

Your voice was calm, like a waterfall.

And if someone was different, you would love them all.

I will give you a recap of our 2022 year.

It was hard without you, we have held joy and tears.

I will start with Halloween, yeah, it was dandy.

But you weren’t the one that was giving out all the candy.

Then I will go onto Christmas,

I guess it was fun.

But it was just different.

We had it at your house, which was weird for me.

I think it’s because there was one less present under the tree.

They say, “new year, new me.”

But I can’t help that you’re not here to be the one we all love –

Our beloved mom and Mimi.


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