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Chapters 23-26 - Digging Deeper

These chapters change a little bit as they share a similar message, but just go a bit deeper.

Chapter 23 discusses the effects of sin and continual sin. When we make a choice to live a lifestyle that goes against God's law for us, He despises it. Several addictions are mentioned such as alcoholism, gluttony, sexual sin, anger, etc. These are things that will pull us away from the will of God.

Proverbs 23: 20 Do not join those who drink too much wine, or gorge themselves on meat.

Chapter 24 tells us our attitude towards all people matters. We are told not to envy wicked men or even desire their company. However, we are told to not gloat or be proud when an enemy fails as God can always change their circumstances for good based on their heart. Another way to look at it is, we must guard our own hearts and be sure to obey God's comands, while praying for those that are essentially lost. Basically, our heart towards others can change another person's life and they can change ours! Our prayers for those living a lifestyle against God's Word matters - that is a sobering thought!

Proverbs 24:1 Do not envy wicked men, do not desire their company, for their hearts plot violence, and their lips talk about making trouble.

Chapter 25 & 26 There continue to be comparisons through these verses. For instance:

As a dog returns to his vomit a folly returns to his folly (26:11) or Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of gifts he does not give. (25:14). These show how human we are, and how easy it is to fall back into our sinful ways. This is why we must consume ourselves with wisdom. Be immersed in His Word.

This week as you reflect on the Word, be mindful of how you can be praying for the lost. Those that are living a lifestyle that goes against God's commands for us. Maybe there is also something you can give over to God asking for a change of heart. It's never too late to ask God to intervene in your life.

***This week read chapters 27-30- We are almost there!!

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