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We made it! We reached the last chapter of Proverbs! Thank you for joining us. It has been a pleasure to walk beside you on this journey. I do hope you gained some wisdom from this beautiful and poetic book in the Bible and that you continue to come back and join us here. New blog posts will be posted every Monday.

(Below, I took a little excerpt from my new book, Chasing After Jesus, discussing Proverbs 31.)

"The beginning of Proverbs 31 speaks to the sons. It speaks to a young man growing up and talks about the way to live a righteous life. It says to honor and love only one woman, to not overindulge in adult beverages, to give to the oppressed, and speak up for injustice. In essence, a man is to lead and respect his home.

Proverbs 31 then goes on to speak about the woman of noble character. It lays out a pretty lengthy list that can seem intimidating. However, when we look at the overall message, it is similar to the one above because she, too, is to respect the home. She respects her husband while she works diligently to care for her family. This is the Godly woman we are called to be."

(Chasing After Jesus)

While some of the terms seem a little "old-fashioned" like she considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings, she plants a vineyard. (verse 16) In many ways, it points back to the heart of a woman that loves God. She works hard, providing for the needs of her family - the family God has blessed her with. She basically sees a need and meets it.

So, let's close with these verses. Bible verses found in Proverbs 31 that will remind you who you are and Who you belong to:

  • She is worth far more than rubies (verse 10) - she knows her worth

  • She sets about her work vigorously, her arms are strong for her tasks (verse 17) - she knows her purpose

  • Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, her praises her. (verse 28) - she is respected

My prayer is that you connected with God through this study and that He spoke to your heart. Digging into God's Word will always grow you closer to Him. It will help you understand His nature and characteristics, and who He is calling you to be! Maybe there were some key verses you can remember and hold on to; write them down and try to etch them in your heart. You may need to lean into them one day. Maybe this study has prompted you to read another book of the Bible. Go for it! And, as you read if you want a guide to help, you can always follow the steps that were mentioned in a previous post: Read, Respond, Reflect and React. Refer back to the May 31 post (the beginning of the study) if you need more clarity of what those terms mean.

It has been a pleasure doing this study with you. Hope you come back in the weeks to come!


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