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Sweet Friendships

Does it sometimes feel downright impossible to find and keep friends? As a busy teen, you are often pulled in so many different directions from school to other activities, that the thought of trying to "fit in" or the pressure to maintain a friendship may make you wonder if they are even worth it. Maybe you've been hurt before and your guard is up.

Finding and keeping friends can be so difficult, and it can take work. It's also not easy to put your heart into something that may end up hurting you or won't last. So, what do we do if we feel lost and lonely, in need of friends? How do we navigate friends that have hurt us?

Read through these verses today:

The Book of Proverbs is a great place to start

Proverbs 12:26- The righteous choose their friends carefully

Proverbs 27:9- A sweet friendship refreshes the soul and awakens our hearts to joy

God made us to connect with one another. He made us for fellowship, and not just any fellowship, but fellowship that allows us to grow closer together while growing closer to Him. We all need those friends that will build us up and encourage us, love us and be more like a sister. Which is why we call them "sisters in Christ."

God has a purpose for each friend He puts in your life, even if they come into your life for a short season. We just have to remember that God created friendships as a blessing, for us and for them. Open your heart today and pray God bring forth sweet friends. Then let your guard down and be ready to be blessed and to be a blessing. When you choose your friends wisely and treat them with care, sweet friendships bloom.

Praying you find sweet friends, sister.

Big, big, big hugs, Alicia

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